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Call Blocker 

An android app that allows you to reject unwanted calls and receive known calls. 

Features :

  • Block unknown calls that are not in your contact list with few clicks, no need to explicitly add all numbers to blocked list. 

  • White List Important contacts to go in Do Not Disturb Mode & Stop receiving calls from others.

  • Quickly enable or disable application as per your requirement.

  • Enable Beep for all calls that are getting rejected. Avoid missing calls which are expected but not in contact list. Ex. calls to check for delivery of food and other items.)

  • Download Call blocker for free no Ads or charges.


  • Disable the 'My Contacts' option only select white list i.e limited contacts whose calls are to be received.

  • Contact in Green is received, Contact in Red is rejected.

  • All calls rejected will still give beep sound as Beep option is enabled.

 In holidays or emergency situation you just want to receive calls from close contacts, disable ' All Contacts' and select those contacts explicitly, all rejected contacts will get a beep.

  • See help to get quick description of the buttons.


  • The 'Call Blocker' :  Enables the application's call blocking behaviour or Disable call blocking

  • The 'My Contacts' option if enabled receives calls only from contacts in address book. When disabled you can select important contacts that are treated as white list and are still allowed.

  • The 'Beep' option when enabled allows a beep sound when call is being rejected by call blocker.

 The default use case when we want to receive known calls yet get notified of calls which are not in address book but we are expecting them.(eg: parcel for food or amazon delivery.)


  • Disable the 'My Contacts' option to reject all the incoming calls even the ones from address book and get just a beep for incoming call.

Want to take a needed Saturday nap you can even switch the reject beep sound just disable beeps.

  • The Find Contact option will allow to search contacts specifically by name, to white list your Contacts.

Call Blocker App-feature-graphic.png
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